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Rohit Chauhan ( 1998 Palanpur, Gujrat) is a singer,rapper and actor. Chauhan's breakthrough came from his Bhojpuri album and rap. In 2014, he became a rising Bhojpuri film star. He sings his songs in his Mothertongue,Bhojpuri and also in english language . a singer, He is also a music group. They got permission from the Bhojpuri film team, He has also worked in Bhojpuri films, “desperate” and “world” in the film was very Popular because of Rohit Chauhan. They still get multiple offers on these live in their work force. The singer, you can hold the heart to be Seated.

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Rohit Chauhan is Singer / Youtuber, who owns RCMusic Production (Rohit Chauhan Music), which was opened in 2017 by Rohit Chauhan, where Rohit makes his music and gives an interview, it is an English singer who is a Bollywood singer Every song is converted to English, and it is popular because of this, now on their Facebook page there are 20K + fans, they started their creer with Ajmer, they used to do their music course in a music school, then He thought why not write a song and sing, then he thought differently, went on to Bollywood's Hindi songs, thus becoming a superstar and a smart singer.